Picture Puzzle

Picture Puzzle v2.1 is a computer game for Windows-based PCs. The game takes an image and cuts it into smaller square pieces. Your challenge is to then put the picture back together again. An extensive High-Score system tracks Fastest Times and Fewest Moves.
Screenshot of the Spinner game on Easy level

Features of Picture Puzzle v2.1:
  • 3 modes of Game-play: Slider (slide picture tiles around to solve the puzzle); Spinner (tiles are in the correct place but rotated at random); and Swapper (tiles are in random places, solve by swapping places 2 at a time).
  • 2 levels of difficulty: Easy (pictures are in a 6-tile 2x3 grid); and Hard (pictures are in a 24-tile 4x6 grid)
  • Albums of images provide flexibility, hours of replay using different images. A "Canada" album is included with the installation package; others are available with more to come.
  • Extensive High Score board tracks your fastest times and fewest moves to solve puzzles separately for Slider, Swapper and Spinner, and for Easy and Hard levels.
Main Menu

Picture Puzzle Gold Edition includes bonus move shortcuts for faster times and fewer moves, plus the ability to import any of your own images into the game to solve as puzzles.
Upgrade to the Gold Edition by making a contribution to support the shareware concept and SJGP Software. Choose your amount, enter the email address where we will send the upgrade Registration Code, and use PayPal to make your contribution.

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Picture Puzzle Reference:
The SJGP Software blog is the reference place for Picture Puzzle. Click on the links below to learn more about:

System Requirements:
Microsoft .NET 4 runtime (this is provided during the installation of Picture Puzzle v2.1)
Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7 or later
200 MB free disk space

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