PenPal Pro

PenPal Pro version 2.2 helps you keep track of all your correspondents and the letters and other packages you send and receive. Whether you have 5 or 5,000 pen-friends, PenPal Pro can help you organize important information about them, like significant dates, hobbies, different addresses, and more, as well as what you have sent to or received from them, and when.

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Penpal Pro v2.2 comes in three editions:
  • In the Demo Edition, all features and reports work, and there is no time limit on your evaluation. So you can check out the app and see if it meets your needs at your leisure. It allows you to save up to 5 correspondents, and make up to 2 letter entries per day.
  • The Free Edition lets you use the software free of charge. All the features of the app are active. You can add up to 5 letters per day, and save up to 50 correspondents. Upgrade from the Demo to the Free Edition by requesting a free Registration Code from
  • With the Gold Edition, you can store information for an unlimited number of correspondents, and record an unlimited number of letters a day. Upgrade from the Demo or Free editions to Gold for only $20 (Canadian funds) using Paypal. Enter the email address in the box below, and after payment is received, a Gold-Edition Registration Code will be sent to that email.

    Email (for Registration Code)
System Requirements:
Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, and later.
200 MB free disk space